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U.S. Has No Face to Talk about Peace and Stability: KCNA Commentary
Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) -- The world's biggest arms dealer U.S. and various Western countries are vying with each other to export ultra-modern war hardware to the south Korean puppet forces.

The U.S. is mulling selling air tankers for F-15Ks and tens of ultra-modern stealth F-35As to the puppet forces which are zealously stepping up preparations for war by taking the advantage of the acute situation in the Korean Peninsula and other parts in the region.

It is reported that Western countries are going to sell en masse Taurus KEPD 350K long-range air-to-surface missiles for F-15Ks and KF-16s of the south Korean puppet air force.

Blustering that in case the fighters fire those missiles with a range of more than 500 km from the sky above Ullung Island, they can destroy the Musudan-ri missile base in the north within 15 minutes and deal high-density strike at the nuclear and missile bases throughout the north without advancing into its airspace, the puppet forces are openly bluffing that the missiles are for imposing nuclear preemptive strike upon the DPRK.

The projected export of ultra-modern war hardware is no more than a base and irresponsible move of those countries which are utterly indifferent to the peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula for the purpose of making money as it will add fuel to the flames of escalated north-south confrontation.

This again clearly shows the hypocrisy of the U.S. and Western countries which always pay lip-service to peace and stability.

In recent years the U.S. has hyped the "story about threat from north Korea" in public to make it an established fact and called for "strong counter-action" against it whenever an opportunity presented itself. This was aimed to create an atmosphere favorable for carrying out its strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific.

Washington took the lead in illegalizing the satellite launch successfully conducted by the DPRK for peaceful purposes at the end of the last year and has stirred up the atmosphere of hostility toward the DPRK throughout this year.

Periodically escalating the situation on the Korean Peninsula, it drew such stooges in the region as south Korean puppet forces and Japanese reactionaries deeper into its establishment of confrontation system against the DPRK under the pretext of offering "nuclear umbrella."

It has further rounded off its joint operation system for provoking a new war as evidenced by such moves as its recent confirmation of what it called "tailored deterrence strategy" aimed at nuclear preemptive strike at the DPRK in collusion with the south Korean puppet forces and its approval of the "right to collective self-defense" of the Japanese reactionaries.

Now the U.S. being in the grip of serious financial crisis seeks to round off its physical capabilities for fighting a war in the region, and at the same time, fill its pocket, by stimulating its stooges' heinous confrontation nature and using their purses.

The U.S. and the Western countries hell-bent on fomenting confrontation and making money are just harassers of peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula.

They are despicable ones with neither qualifications nor face to talk about peace and stability.

It is quite natural that such moves of the hostile forces are arousing strong reaction and serious vigilance among the DPRK and other countries in the region.

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