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WPK Is Invincible Party: Rodong Sinmun
Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- The history of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) is the sacred one as it has won only victories with the might of the revolutionary unity based on one idea and one center, Rodong Sinmun Friday says in an editorial article.

The article goes on:

The stability of the single-minded unity of the DPRK and invincibility of the WPK lie in the solid monolithic ideological and leadership system of the great leader.

The enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK held on Dec. 8 fully disclosed anti-party and counter-revolutionary factional acts committed by Jang Song Thaek group and resolutely purged them.

Jang's group did hurt to the unity of the party and challenged the monolithic leadership of the party, bringing great damage to the building of a thriving nation and the drive for the improvement of the people's living standard.

What was most dangerous in the group's anti-party and counter-revolutionary factional acts was that it tried to undermine the party's monolithic leadership system, life and soul of the army and people of the DPRK, and break the single-minded unity.

Traitor for all ages Jang Song Thaek was sentenced to death in the name of the revolution at a special military tribunal of the DPRK Ministry of State Security.

The WPK and the revolutionary ranks of the DPRK have become purer and the might of single-minded unity has been further strengthened in the wake of disclosing and purging the modern day factionary group of Jang.

No one in the world can stand in the way of the WPK, army and people who are advancing single-mindedly united around supreme leader Kim Jong Un under the banner of great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

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