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CPRK Spokesman Jeers S. Korean Puppet Forces' Mendicant Diplomacy
Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) Friday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the south Korean puppet authorities' mendicant diplomacy which pushed them into a quagmire:

These days the south Korean authorities have been busy, trumpeting about "balanced diplomacy" and "diplomacy of confidence," only to be snubbed and driven into the tight corner.

The vice-president of the U.S. recently visited south Korea to openly force Park Geun Hye to follow the U.S. policy.

Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Abe made fun of south Korea, citing some pending issues over which Tokyo is at odds with Seoul. Even a Japanese official called Park Geun Hye a "woman spreading invectives".

In a word, the south Korean puppet group has been snubbed and derided by countries around it in less than one year after it took office and is even forced to clarify whom it sides with.

South Korean media comment that the time is coming back to south Korea when Queen Min was squeezed in between powers, being pulled along by them.

South Korea deserves the cold treatment for its dependence on outsiders and acts of sycophantic treachery.

The situation clearly proves the disgraceful and miserable nature of the "diplomacy of confidence" which the regime has pursued while talking about "alliance" and "partnership".

At last the woman chief of Chongwadae was pushed into narrow situation with nobody to rely on though she had been engrossed in solicitation diplomacy looking for someone to whom she can entrust herself.

Irony is that Park Geun Hye played the coquette with the U.S. master after suffering big insult.

When Japanese officials ruthlessly ridiculed Park, she and her group kept mum like a dummy.

What a pitiful plight.

Sycophantic traitors keen on following and depending on outsiders are bound to meet such a fate.

The Park group is isolated and rejected inside for the illegal election case and fascist and unpopular rule and snubbed and betrayed outside for humiliating diplomacy. It is as clear as noonday what fate the group will meet.

Flunkeyism and submission will bring only a miserable end.

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