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Inter-sector Technical Workshop Held
Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- An inter-sector technical workshop for participants in the great workshop for officials in the field of construction took place here on Friday.

It was divided into 8 sectors. There were training courses and video lectures for generalizing successes and experience gained in different construction fields and helping the participants acquire wide-ranging and versatile knowledge about architecture as required by the new century such as the trends of development of architecture, the advanced designing experience and construction methods.

The workshop dealt with issues of strengthening the political guidance over construction work as intended by the Workers' Party of Korea and properly grasping state procedures and basic requirements of construction and fully observing them.

It also explained the present situation of house and public building designing and disseminated broad common sense about the characteristics of structures for supporting buildings, the trend of their development and latest designing technology.

There was an explanation about the trend of the development of the BIM rapidly developing as a means for managing information used in the whole process of construction including technical and economic effectiveness in designing and construction, planning and designing of structures and construction and management.

The participants also heard an explanation about the trend of development of green building materials friendly to ecological environment and high in functional nature and renewable rate and successes achieved in the field of construction in the country and prospect of its development.

Introduced there were the development of various kinds of concrete intimate mixture and its use, the trend of its development and experience gained in ensuring the speed in construction and the quality of structures through the introduction of concrete intimate mixture developed and produced by builders themselves in constructing houses and major projects.

There was briefing on the actual situation of road building and the trend of its development and designing and construction of roads and bridges, and briefing on common sense about them.

The participants also heard an explanation about the present situation of construction of harbors and hydro-power stations and tideland reclamation and the trend of their development.

Speakers and participants exchanged successes and experience gained in construction and wide-ranging views on matters of mutual concern and scientific and technological issues dealt with in the workshop.

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