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KCNA on Abe's Reckless Remarks
Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) -- Some days ago, Japanese Prime Minister Abe made a policy speech, in which he called for dialogue accompanied with pressure while talking about "package solution to the abduction, nuclear and missile issues". Such remarks could be heard from the Japanese foreign minister on the same day.

Those reckless remarks made by the Japanese ultra-rightist forces led by Abe remind everyone of a thief crying "Stop thief!" as they are intended for reversing the tide of daily-increasing international denunciation against Japan and thus creating a favorable atmosphere for their moves of militarizing Japan.

Their rash acts evoking much criticism in Asia have something in common with the war hysteria whipped up by Hitler in Germany after its defeat in the First World War.

As well known, the First World War ended with the collapse of militarism in Germany, but fascist maniac Hitler's assumption to power plunged many nations of the world into the bloodbath of another world war.

Prompted by the wild ambition for reoccupying former colonies and, furthermore, building up a new vast empire in the world, Hitler had incited ultra-chauvinism and revanchism and restored the economy serving only for war in Germany. Over-heated in reinvasion, Hitler annexed neighboring countries one after another and, after all, unleashed the Second World War.

Abe's reckless moves are little different to those of Hitler.

Now Japan is running headlong into militarism for reinvasion and Abe is taking the lead in it. Soon after taking power, he impudently sang "Kimigayo", symbolic of militarism, and called for restoring "strong Japan".

During his administration, Japan has made almost all the political and institutional preparations for militarization and overseas aggression with the adoption of new "defense programme guidelines", "mid-term defense capability buildup outline" and "national security strategy" after the organization of the "National Security Council".

Japan's "Self-Defence Forces" have already turned into a completely offensive one.

Revision of "Pacifist Constitution", which bans Japan from going to war, enters the final stage. In the teeth of the international concern about Japan, which has turned into a war state, Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine that enshrines war criminals, including Tozyo who branded as "Hitler in Asia", a revelation of his wild ambition to provoke the second "greater east Asia war".

His ambition for reinvasion has driven the equilibrium of confrontation and friction to an extreme phase in the Asian region.

In the past Hitler called for a fight against communism to justify the war, but at present Abe is trumpeting the theory of confrontation with the DPRK to rationalize the militarization of Japan for reinvasion. There is no difference between them.

Though Japan is clinging to every possible cunning plot to justify and bring back its crime-woven past, it can never work on the international community.

Abe, plagued with militarism, had better bring himself to his senses. A key to improved DPRK-Japan relations lies in Japan's sincere liquidation of its past crimes.

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