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Day of Shining Star Celebrated in Peru
Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- A Peruvian national meeting took place in Lima to celebrate the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il (Day of the Shining Star) on Feb. 12.

Displayed on the front wall of the venue of the meeting was a portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il.

Present there were personages of the political parties and organizations of Peru including the Peruvian Preparatory Committee for Celebrating the 72nd Birth Anniversary of Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, Communist Party of Peru (Red Motherland), Revolutionary Socialist Party of Peru, Peruvian National Independent Movement for Free Voting's Union, Peruvian Committee for Remembering Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, Peruvian Group for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, Peruvian Association for the Study of Revolutionary Activities of Comrade Kim Jong Suk, Peru-Korea Friendship Institute for Study of the Juche Based Songun Policy and the Peruvian-Korean Institute of Culture and Friendship and masses.

Present there on invitation were the DPRK ambassador to Peru and his embassy officials.

Speeches were made.

International Secretary of the Communist Party of Peru (Red Motherland) Tani Baler Lopera said that Kim Jong Il was the incarnation of patriotism, revolution, enthusiasm and love for people as he devoted all his life to socialism, country and people.

General Secretary of the Revolutionary Socialist Party of Peru Victor Oliva Miguel said the life of Kim Jong Il was one of a staunch revolutionary, ardent patriot and genuine people's leader.

The chairman of the Peruvian Committee for Remembering Generalissimo Kim Jong Il said that Kim Jong Il was an outstanding thinker and theoretician and staunch anti-imperialist fighter who developed the Juche idea and protected the destiny of socialist Korea with Songun politics.

Secretary General of the Peruvian-Korean Institute of Culture and Friendship Yuri Castro Romero said that the DPRK would always emerge a victor under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un, who is identical to President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.

The international secretary of the Peruvian Communist Youth Organization said rosy is the future of the DPRK as it is led by Kim Jong Un, who is successfully carrying forward the revolutionary cause of Juche.

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