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Day of Shining Star Marked by Koreans in Russia
Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- The United Confederation of Koreans in the Far Eastern Region of Russia held celebration events in Nakhodka on Feb. 15 to mark the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il (Day of the Shining Star).

Seen at the venue of the events were photos of Kim Jong Il inspecting dwarf pine post and those dealing with the energetic efforts and revolutionary exploits he performed to increase the national defence capacity and build an economic power.

Also on display at the venues were works of President Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un, books dealing with the undying revolutionary feats of the peerlessly great men of Mt. Paektu and magazines and pictorials introducing Korea.

Attending the events were the vice-chairman of the United Confederation of Koreans in the Maritime Territory of the Russian Federation, officials of Koreans' organizations in several regions and Korean compatriots. Also present were the consul general and consuls of the DPRK consulate general in Nakhodka.

The participants laid a floral basket and bouquets before the full-length picture of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mt. Paektu and paid tribute.

They watched a DPRK film documenting the revolutionary activities of Kim Jong Un providing field guidance to the work of the People's Army.

At a remembrance meeting speakers said Kim Jong Il was a peerless patriot and matchless Songun commander who defended socialist Korea under the unfurled banner of Songun and laid an eternal foundation for the prosperity of the country.

The leaping progress made by the DPRK in improving the standard of people's living and in several fields such as construction, sports and culture is a fruition of the outstanding leadership of Kim Jong Un, they stressed.

They pledged to wage a dynamic movement for reunification abroad true to the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

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