calendar>>February 19. 2014 Juche 103
Foreign Poets Laud Kim Jong Il
Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- Lyudmila Abzeyeva, Russian poet, and Maria Morais, Brazilian poet, wrote poems in praise of leader Kim Jong Il on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

Lyudmila Abzeyeva praised in her poem "Sing of Holiday in February of Spring" that the Korean people's happiness, a precious fruition made by their wisdom and endeavors despite all difficulties and ordeals, was brought by Kim Jong Il.

All the Korean people present sing songs in reverence for Kim Jong Il who dedicated himself to their happy life.

On February 16, birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il, they sing songs of respect for him more loudly and February in the DPRK is also an honorable month for humankind.

Thanks to Marshal Kim Jong Un the DPRK will prosper forever together with the February holiday.

In the "Poem to Comrade Kim Jong Il", Maria Morais praised Kim Jong Il as a successor to President Kim Il Sung, a tender-hearted father of the people and an outstanding leader of the DPRK who developed socialist Korea into a Juche-oriented power.

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