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Guidelines for Improving Ideological Work
Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- The Workers' Party of Korea has steadily given priority to ideological work, regarding it as the most powerful weapon and banner for always emerging victorious.

Recorded in the sacred history of the WPK is the 2nd Conference of Ideological Officials of the WPK held in June Juche 62 (1973). At the conference, President Kim Il Sung made the historic speech "Some Tasks in Improving Present Party Ideological Work".

Kim Il Sung in the work expounded important issues arising in improving the party's ideological work, on the basis of profound analysis of the requirements of socialist construction and details of ideological work.

The work calls for intensifying the education of party members and other working people in the superiority of socialist system and class education so as to be fully aware that they are master of revolution.

Clarified in the work are the need to make the party work thorough work with people and give priority to political work in performing all activities and other tasks and ways to strengthen the party's ideological work.

The work has served as important guidelines for intensifying the ideological work in conformity with the goals and tasks of struggle and conditions and circumstances varying at each stage of socialist construction.

After the conference, the validity and vitality of the idea and theory clarified in the work have been fully demonstrated. All party members and other working people have been firmly imbued with Juche idea and the cohesion and unity of party ranks further consolidated.

The party work successfully turned to be the work with people, thus effecting great surges in all fields of socialist construction.

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