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Kim Jong Il's Exploits Praised by Romanian Party Leader
Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- An article titled "Leader Kim Jong Il, eternal general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea" was posted by Vasile Orleanu, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Socialist Party of Romania, on its website on February 14 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il (Day of the Shining Star).

The article said:

February 16 is a significant day marking the 72nd birth anniversary of HE Kim Jong Il, the eternal general secretary of the WPK and the great leader of the Korean people.

The undying feats of Kim Jong Il, the great statesman and tender-hearted father of the people, are recorded in the history of the DPRK which won a brilliant victory only.

He made public a lot of works to clearly indicate the way to be followed by humankind, developed the Korean People's Army into a matchless army and built a powerful socialist country through his original Songun revolutionary leadership and dedicated himself to the people all his life. His life is deeply cherished in the hearts of the Korean people.

The DPRK has achieved great successes in the struggle for building a thriving socialist nation and reunifying the country, firmly taking hold on the powerful nuclear deterrence. This is the noble fruition of his wise leadership.

The Korean people are dynamically advancing along the road of socialism chosen by them despite the unprecedented moves of the imperialists to stifle the DPRK under the leadership of HE Kim Jong Un to glorify the immortal exploits of the preceding leaders for all ages.

Progressive humankind is paying highest tribute to Kim Jong Il on the occasion of the Day of the Shining Star, the common holiday.

His undying exploits will always be remembered by not only the Korean people but also the world people.

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