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Reclamation of Honggondo Tideland Makes Headway
Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- The reclamation of Honggondo tideland has been successfully pushed forward in North Phyongan Province, the DPRK.

The North Phyongan Provincial Tideland Reclamation Complex, after blasting 70,000 and 30,000 cubic meters of earth on January 5, is now channeling efforts into building the anti-tidal dyke No. 3.

The Jangsong, Tasa and Posan tideland reclamation companies in Ansan area and the Sinuiju Prefab Factory have rationally allotted labor forces and machines in order to speed up the construction.

The Tasa Mechanized Company has manufactured more than 100 kinds of accessories on its own efforts to keep all machines in full-capacity operation.

The Sokhwa, Kwaksan and Roha tideland reclamation companies in Sokhwa area and the Chonggang Mechanized Company are trucking more than 4,000 cubic meters of earth on a daily average by cutting the unloading time.

Thanks to the devoted efforts of builders, the dyke is getting into shape as the days go by.

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