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Japanese Politicians Keen on Reckless Acts
Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- Japanese politicians have recently become the target of international criticism for letting loose a string of imprudent remarks.

Japanese Vice Prime Minister Aso, addressing the Diet, said that it is natural for a state to cherish the memory of those fallen in the war for the country. He even went the length of uttering that only a few countries had criticized Prime Minister Abe's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in the world.

Cabinet special counsellor Honda, when interviewed by a U.S. group of media persons, said if the Japanese prime minister paid no visit to the shrine, it might weaken Japan's position in the international community.

Those remarks witness that Japanese authorities have no will to repent of Japan's blood-stained history of aggression.

It is a mockery of the international community that the Japanese politicians are making ill-considered remarks one after another to patronize the visit to Yasukuni that enshrines the war dead.

From a long time ago, Japan has praised the ill-famed war criminals as "manly men", "patriotic martyrs" and "heroes" while distorting history textbooks in a bid to implant the outlook on militarist history into the minds of growing generations.

Japan's behavior was so shameless as to make even a former president of Germany give an advice during his visit to Japan that the honest admission of the past is important for confidence-building.

It is clearly evidenced by Japan's acts of justifying its crime-woven past that the Japanese authorities remain unchanged in their sinister intention to reproduce its history of aggression.

Japan should bear in mind that the international community is highly vigilant against its moves lurching to the right.

The Japanese politicians had better opt for winning the confidence of the international community, though belatedly.

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