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WPK's Slogan Helpful to Revolutionary Cause of Juche
Pyongyang, March 6 (KCNA) -- It has been 40 years since leader Kim Jong Il advanced the slogan "Let us produce, study and live like the anti-Japanese guerrillas!" in March Juche 63 (1974) when the work for modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism came to the fore in the DPRK.

This is a strategic slogan of the Workers' Party of Korea intended to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche by applying the Paektu traditions in all spheres of the revolution and construction. It reflected the strong will of Kim Jong Il to hold fast to and carry forward the revolutionary traditions.

After putting up the slogan, he wisely led the work to make the Paektu revolutionary spirit spread in all sectors of socialist construction. Consequently, the golden age of the WPK was ushered in with a radical turn brought in the people's ideological viewpoint, working traits and way of life.

The Arduous March in the 1990s was a striking demonstration of the invincible vitality of the traditions established in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle. The army and people in the DPRK gave full play to the might of Korean-style socialism with the spirit of devotedly defending the leader, the spirit of self-reliance and revolutionary optimism and the spirit of overcoming difficulties, displayed by the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners.

All the Korean people are now working hard, with steadfast faith in socialism and optimistic about rosy future. The fact proves the purity and magnetic power of the Paektu revolutionary traditions.

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