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Miserable End of U.S. Will Come Earlier Due to Political Imbeciles
Pyongyang, March 6 (KCNA) -- Recently Bush met in a dark corner of Seoul with human scum, who defected to the south, leaving genuine society of the DPRK.

At the meeting Bush praised the human scum wandering about without any proper shelter as "heroes". "Moved to tears" by this gesture, these good-for-nothings extolled Bush as "a hero".

Ridiculing this, Pak Chang Un, section chief of the State Invention Bureau, said:

Bush was known to be a fool after being scolded in the political circle of the U.S. for his disposition as a rogue, dull political sense and lack of logical vision.

Wicked Bush vociferated about "human rights records" in the DPRK before the human scum. He was busy letting loose a whole string of reckless remarks slinging mud at Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses, laying bare his true colors as a political under-wit bereft of any elementary knowledge about it.

No proper words could be heard from Bush steeped in repugnance towards others and keen on injustice and evils.

No matter who becomes the President of the U.S., the bad habit of the U.S. finding fault with others can never change, as clarified by the spokesman for the Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army in his statement. This is quite obvious.

It is hard reality that the theory of U.S. collapse is spreading worldwide and its position as a "superpower" is radically sinking. The end of the U.S. will come earlier as long as the White House is staffed with such politically imbeciles who regard that reality as fatalistic.

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