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We Will Carry through Party's New Line of Developing Two Fronts Simultaneously: Shop Head of Steel Complex
Pyongyang, March 6 (KCNA) -- At the news of the rocket launching drills conducted by the Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army, the spirit of smelters is sky-high and steel production is rapidly jumping at the steel complex, said Jin Yong Il, a workshop head of the Chollima Steel Complex.

He went on:

Hearing the news that rockets launched demonstrated the highest-ever rate of hits, we felt as if we had seen dens of evil reduced to ashes. GIs seem to be struck with fear.

Several medium- and short-range rockets, not long-range rockets, were launched this time but the U.S. is running helter-skelter, as if rockets had dropped over its mainland.

The U.S. termed the DPRK's regular rocket launching drills a "provocation" and "threat". It is the sworn enemy with whom the workers of the Kangson Steel Complex should settle accounts generation after generation.

The U.S. committed such unheard-of crimes as destroying everything precious in the land of Kangson in the 1950s and made desperate efforts to suffocate the economy of the DPRK for decades in the postwar period. Not content with this, it is groundlessly taking issue with the DPRK over its just self-defensive step. How can we pardon it?

The U.S. imperialists should be thrown into electric furnaces and eliminated from the surface of the earth as they are the root cause of all evils and misfortunes in the world.

We, workers of the heroic Korea who have always emerged strong and victorious thanks to Songun, will more successfully implement our Party's line of developing the two fronts simultaneously, determined to bring down sledge hammers on the heads of the GIs as they have the worst habit in the world.

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