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Paektusan Constituency No. 111 Replete with Loyalty to Kim Jong Un
Pyongyang, March 9 (KCNA) -- Voting started at Paektusan Constituency No. 111 to elect Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un as a deputy to the 13th Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) of the DPRK.

Servicepersons are casting ballots, full of determination to remain intensely loyal to the leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, who is carrying forward the great revolutionary cause of Mt. Paektu.

KPA officer Jo Pyong Hak told KCNA:

It is the greatest privilege and glory for us to take part in electing the supreme commander as a deputy to the SPA.

We have keenly felt the greatness of the supreme commander, who is possessed of far-sighted military wisdom and extraordinary commanding art.

We are fully determined to dedicate our lives to the supreme commander, eternal banner of the victory of the DPRK.

Kim Kwang Jin, a commissioned officer, said:

All the service personnel are reconfirming their loyalty to Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un through the election. This is an eruption of their boundless reverence for the peerlessly brilliant commander who is stoutly carrying forward the lineage of Paektu.

Their ballots for him represent their genuine loyalty to and deep trust in him.

We will prepare ourselves as a-match-for-a-hundred fighters strong in idea and faith through more intensive training, as the anti-Japanese guerrillas did on Mt. Paektu.

Soldier Kim Kyong Sim expressed her firm determination to take the lead in fully demonstrating the might of the powerful revolutionary army of Kim Jong Un.

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