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DPRK Seething with Election Atmosphere
Pyongyang, March 9 (KCNA) -- The election of deputies to the 13th Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) began in the DPRK Sunday.

Constituencies are crowed with voters fully determined to strengthen the revolutionary power and further glorify the socialist homeland.

Ri Kyong Chol, a worker of the Pyongyang Steel Works who voted at subconstituency No. 37 under Ryugyong constituency No. 19, when interviewed by KCNA, said:

The ballots for candidates are an expression of profound thanks to the country in which the working people are put forward as the masters of the country and their happiness guaranteed down through generations.

The Korean people are keeping deep in their minds the belief that the prosperity of the socialist homeland will be surely achieved and their desire brought into full bloom as long as they are led by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

I will devote my all to increasing the steel production with a pride of being a DPRK citizen leading independent life thanks to the most dignified and advantageous people's power, thus glorifying the Korean-style socialism.

Kim Ung Chol, director of a department of the State Science and Technology Commission who would sit for the above-said subconstituency, said:

I, as a scientist brought up under the loving care of the DPRK government, am very happy to be elected as a deputy to the SPA.

I can hardly find words to express my profound thanks.

I will regard all ballots for me as the request of voters to achieve more scientific successes, true to the leadership of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, and devote all my wisdom and enthusiasm to the development of the country's science.

Ri Kwang Chol, a worker of the Pyongyang Timber Mill who voted for candidate Pak Pong Nam, commander of the Phyongchon Train Inspection Company of the Service Brigade of Passenger and Freight Trains at the Pyongyang Switch Yard under the Pyongyang Railway Bureau, told KCNA:

Through the election, I came to reconfirm my duty as a DPRK citizen. I will do my best to glorify the socialist motherland, upholding the leadership of the respected Marshal.

Rim Hyang, a citizen living in Jungsin-dong, Sosong District who had the first experience of voting, said:

I grew up with nothing to envy under the socialist system. Today, I cast a ballot as a DPRK citizen for the first time in my life. I will keep deep in my mind the loving care shown by the socialist system of the DPRK and make a positive contribution to the prosperity of the country.

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