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Impressions Given by Overseas Koreans at Polling Station
Pyongyang, March 9 (KCNA) -- Overseas Koreans staying in the socialist motherland Sunday participated in the election of the deputies to the 13th Supreme People's Assembly together with compatriots in the DPRK.

They voted for a candidate at sub-constituency No. 7 of the Pothonggang Constituency No. 18.

Regarding it as a great honor to participate in the election which was held amid high enthusiasm of the people in the homeland to consolidate the power as firm as a rock, they expressed their feelings.

Pae Hong Ryol, a Korean in Japan, said he was overcome with emotion as he participated in voting, recalling the immortal exploits President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il performed, regarding it as their motto to believe in people as in Heaven and devoting their all to the happiness of the people.

Kim Yong Sil, a Korean in Japan, noted that the socialist motherland is the best country centered on the popular masses in the world, adding that the government of the DPRK would always demonstrate its invincible might as it enjoys full support from the people.

Ri Hwa Son, a Korean in Japan, said she was deeply impressed to see the voters casting ballots with patriotism and felt refreshed after dancing together with compatriots in the homeland to celebrate the significant day.

Ko Kyong Ryul, a Korean in Japan, stressed that the election marked a good occasion in powerfully demonstrating the solidity of the most advantageous Korean-style socialist system and the might of the single-minded unity.

Kim Sung Gol, a Korean in China, noted he keenly realized the truth that the socialist system represented the genuine life and destiny of the people and their eternal future.

Kim Yong Ok, a Korean in China, said she was firmly convinced that to consolidate the government of the DPRK would firmly guarantee the eternal prosperity of the nation.

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