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Chinese Paper on Agrarian Reform Law in DPRK
Pyongyang, March 11 (KCNA) -- The Chinese paper Liaoning Joson Munbo carried an article titled "Agrarian Reform Law which realized long-cherished desire of peasants" on March 5.

March 5, 1946 was a historic day when the cherished desire of Korean peasants, who had wished to do farming on their own land to their heart's content, was realized, the article said, adding:

President Kim Il Sung, who paid deep attention to settling the land problem before anything else in the efforts to build a new country after the liberation, worked his heart and soul to realize the centuries-old desire of peasants for the land.

He visited various places to acquaint himself with the conditions and peasants' demand in rural areas. He also indicated the orientation and ways to successfully carry out the agrarian reform.

Then, he promulgated the Agrarian Reform Law.

The agrarian reform was successfully carried out under his wise leadership, making a new history in which peasants became genuine masters of the land and the country, free from all sorts of exploitation.

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