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Compost Fully Applied to Fields in DPRK
Pyongyang, March 11 (KCNA) -- Farms in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea concentrate their efforts on carrying compost to fields.

According to data available, tens of millions of tons of manure were applied to farm fields throughout the country in the first two months, carrying out the set plan at 90 percent.

South Hwanghae Province has overfulfilled its monthly plans for the production and carriage of compost through intensive mobilization of manpower and delivery means. More than 4 millions of tons of manure have been carried to the farm fields in the province.

North Hwanghae Province had large quantities of quality compost transported to fields, carrying out its highly-set daily plan.

North Phyongan Province, too, is hastening its plan for compost carriage at the final stage.

The production and carriage of manure have been already finished on the farms in Pyongyang and Nampho cities and North Hamgyong and Jagang provinces.

Meanwhile, farm villages across the country are striving to tap the sources of organic fertilizers and apply them to fields to suit their soil characteristics.

Jungsan County in South Phyongan Province transported to farm fields more than 40 000 tons of humus soil collected from waterways and riverbeds.

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