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S. Korean Chief Executive Ridiculed for Her Remarks
Pyongyang, April 9 (KCNA) -- The people in the DPRK are now strongly demanding that Park Geun Hye, chief executive of south Korea, be removed at once as a cancer-like being obstructive to national reunification and a strangler of human rights.

During her recent foreign tour, Park engaged herself in an anti-DPRK smear campaign over the "human rights" and nuclear issues, asserting that the DPRK suffers from "economic difficulty" and "food shortage". She also claimed that the nuclear facilities in Nyongbyon of the DPRK may bring great disaster.

In this regard, Kim Pong Nam, senior engineer of the Kangso Knitwear Factory in Nampho City, told KCNA:

Her behaviors show that she is a tattler rather than a "president". Park has no willingness for national reunification as she seriously defamed the DPRK in violation of the north-south agreement on halt to slandering with each other.

With such separatist left intact, it is impossible to achieve the reunification of the country.

Park, a barrier to national reunification, should be removed in time.

Pak Mi Son, a teacher of Ryuldong Junior Secondary School in Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang, said:

Now south Korea has many street Arabs and tops the world in suicide rate. This being the reality, Park Geun Hye prattled that she was worried about "health" of children in the DPRK.

It is preposterous for Park, a cold-blooded person not knowing about maternal affection, to talk about "worry" and the like.

The anaconda of Park, who would pull up others over the "human rights" issue while turning away her face from poor human rights performance in south Korea, should be removed at once.

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