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S. Korean Media Deplores Poor Human Rights Record
Pyongyang, April 9 (KCNA) -- The south Korean internet paper Voice of People in an editorial on April 7 deplored the poor human rights record in south Korea.

The editorial said:

The International Coordinating Committee, an international human rights organization, informed the south Korean Human Rights Committee of its shelving a judgment on grading at its regular grading examination on April 5. This is a disgrace.

After Lee Myung Bak appointed Hyon Pyong Chol badly informed of human rights as chairman of the Human Rights Committee it was reduced to a stooge and waiting maid of the regime, far from operating as an organ for protecting the human rights.

Park Geun Hye's regime let such guy stay in office as chairman and, consequently, south Korea has reached such pass where it is judged as a "rogue state in human rights".

The regime received an open letter from Amnesty International recommending it to improve human rights as regards 10 pending issues including strike of the railway trade union and the "Security Law" in last February one year since it came to power.

At the end of March the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization adopted a report containing recommendations concerning the south Korean "government's" violation of freedom of association as evidenced by its action to outlaw the Teachers Union and the Government Employees' Union.

The regime should have such a sense of honor as to feel shameful of the reality in which south Korea is censured by the international community for being poor in human rights record.

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