calendar>> April 9. 2014 Juche 103
Day of Sun Celebrated in China
Beijing, April 8 (KCNA) -- A meeting for celebrating the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung took place in China on April 8.

Displayed on the front wall of the meeting hall was a portrait of smiling Kim Il Sung against the background of Kimilsungias, immortal flower.

Present there were personages of the Jindallae Children's Foundation, the Public Center for Diplomatic and Cultural Exchange of China, the Arab Information Center in Beijing and a Chinese company.

Present there on invitation were the DPRK ambassador to China and his embassy officials.

The president of the Jindallae Children's Foundation in a speech praised Kim Il Sung as the father of socialist Korea who founded the Juche idea and built a country centered on the popular masses and a peerless patriot, national hero and legendary great man who did everything he could for the country and people.

She noted that the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered by the President was successfully carried forward by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

She was convinced that the Korean people would win a great victory in the drive for building a thriving socialist nation and achieving the independent and peaceful reunification of the country true to the behests of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Other speakers vowed to make positive efforts to further strengthen the DPRK-China friendly relations provided by Kim Il Sung together with the revolutionaries of the elder generation of China.

At the end of the meeting the participants enjoyed a joint performance.

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