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Conclusion of Peace Agreement, Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from S. Korea Called for
Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Foreign personages who took part in the international seminar on peaceful reunification held a meeting outside the U.S. embassy in Seoul on June 17 demanding the conclusion of a peace agreement, withdrawal of the U.S. forces from south Korea and implementation of the June 15 joint declaration, according to the south Korean internet newspaper Saram Ilbo.

The chairman of the organizing committee of the seminar said that the seminar which took place in Seoul from June 14 to 17 helped clarify the U.S. was to blame for the division of Korea, it partitioned Korea into the south and the north to meet its requirements and the division, the hostile relations and the danger of war that have lasted for more than seven decades on the Korean peninsula were attributable to the U.S. strategy for world domination.

In order to put an end to the division and achieve peace on the Korean peninsula it is necessary for the U.S. to come out for the conclusion of a peace agreement as it is chiefly responsible for them, he added.

The implementation of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration is the only way for achieving peaceful reunification, he noted.

A spokesman for the Alliance of Immediate Action against War and Racial Discrimination referred to street demonstrations under way in the U.S. for the conclusion of a peace agreement, demanding the U.S. troops go back to Washington at once as they are tormenting the south Koreans.

A French historian said that it is not the north but the U.S. which should realize denuclearization first in order to bring about genuine denuclearization in Korea. The north should be given the right to develop its resources and nukes, he asserted.

The co-representative of the Korea Solidarity for Independent Reunification and Democracy read out a statement.

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