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Respected Fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un Sends Gifts to Delegates to 9th KCU Congress
Pyongyang, January 2 (KCNA) -- On the first day of Juche 112 (2023), a hope-filled New Year brightened up by the cheerful laughter and songs of members of the Korean Children's Union (KCU) across the country, the pillars of the powerful DPRK and masters of the future received the warm love of the great father.

A meeting took place on Jan. 1 to convey the gifts sent by the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un to the delegates to the 9th Congress of the KCU.

The delegates of the KCU were filled with great joy and gratitude as they received the gifts in the wake of attending the congress to be specially recorded in the history of the KCU and having a photo session of glory with the fatherly Marshal whom they wanted to see even in their dreams.

Present at the meeting were Ri Il Hwan, Ri Yong Gil, Kim Jae Ryong and Pak Thae Song, secretaries of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), and other officials of the WPK Central Committee and the participants in the 9th Congress of the KCU.

Ri Il Hwan made an address for conveying the gifts.

The speaker warmly congratulated the KCU delegates who successfully concluded the 9th KCU Congress under the special concern of the Party, the state and the people and greeted the New Year promising a brighter future.

He said that the fatherly Marshal has shown the deep loving care of all parents so as to put forward the KCU delegates, who have shown excellence in their studies and organizational life and done many good deeds, to be envied by the whole country.

The speaker said it is Kim Jong Un who wants to give all the best and most valuable things in the world to the KCU members so that they can bring their dreams and talents into full bloom and grow up well.

Adding that the KCU members are always in the mind of the fatherly Marshal and that his biggest delight is for them to grow up into reliable pillars of the future, the speaker called on them to study hard and train themselves physically and mentally so as to take responsibility for the future of the DPRK.

The lists of the gifts sent by the respected fatherly Marshal were conveyed politely.

All the KCU delegates raised cheers of "Hurrah!" dropping tears of deep gratitude to Kim Jong Un who brings up the younger generation to be the successors to the revolution, always looking after them with warm love and affection that is incomparable in the world so that they may grow up brightly and cheerfully.

Officials of the Party Central Committee presented the gifts of warm love and expectation of Kim Jong Un to the delegates of the KCU.

Unable to control their emotions by the warm fatherly love of Kim Jong Un who invited them as delegates to the glorious congress and gave them everything that he could, the KCU delegates broke into shouts of "Thank You, Fatherly Marshal".

The future of the Korean revolution will be everlasting.

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