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Youth Shock Brigade Activities Brisk in DPRK
Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- A brisk mass innovation movement was launched by the young people across the country.

The Central Committee of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League and youth league organizations at all levels have intensified the political offensive to arouse all the youth league members to the socialist patriotic movement and revolutionary mass movement so as to make the youths play the role as an advancing group in the struggle for providing a decisive guarantee for the fulfillment of the five-year plan for national economic development.

Young people at the Hwachon Coal Mine of the Sangwon Cement Complex arranged entries to the pits as a part of the New Year's campaign to stir up the working masses' enthusiasm for increased production.

From the outset of the year, those of the Sunchon Cement Complex have hastened the transport of fire bricks to contribute to the production and those of the Sunchon Limestone Mine contributed to succeeding in the blasting of 300,000 cubic meters of earth through youth shock brigade activities.

The Kim Yu Bong Youth Shock Brigade of the February 8 Jikdong Youth Coal Mine under the Sunchon Area Youth Coal Mining Complex overfulfilled its first daily plan for the new year 160 percent and young people of various coal mining complexes have put spurs to coal production.

Youth league organizations of the Pukchang Thermal Power Complex and the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex organized shock brigades with junior cadres to make a breakthrough in the labor-consuming work.

Meanwhile, youth league organizations have conducted the work for helping farms.

They sent a large amount of manure and farm implements to more than one hundred youth workteams and subworkteams of farms.

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