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Pyongyang Raengmyon Custom, Pride of Korean Nation
Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- Among the excellent cultural heritages of the Korean nation is "Pyongyang Raengmyon (cold noodle) Custom" registered as a typical intangible cultural heritage of mankind in November last year.

Pyongyang cold noodle is one of the typical national dishes of Korea. In the medieval period, cold noodle of the northwestern area (Phyongan Province), especially Pyongyang cold noodle, had been regarded as the best among the noodles in Korea.

Pyongyang cold noodle is famous for its noodle material, noodle broth, garnish, seasoning, etc. Its main material is buckwheat.

From olden times, the Korean people had prepared Pyongyang cold noodle for reception of guests at ordinary times and celebrating ceremonies.

The traditional Pyongyang cold noodle custom has been further developed and enriched under the Workers' Party of Korea's policy of protecting national heritage.

A noodle contest would be held significantly among restaurants in the capital city of Pyongyang to develop its taste.

Books on Pyongyang cold noodle were published to help people know better about the traditional Pyongyang cold noodle custom of the nation.

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