calendar>>January 12. 2023 Juche 112
First Ten-Day Production Plan Overfulfilled
Pyongyang, January 12 (KCNA) -- Officials and workers of various economic sectors and units in the DPRK carried out their first ten-day national economic plans by raising the fierce flames of surge in production from the beginning of the year.

The Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex, a leading large-scale metallurgical base of the country, overfulfilled its pig iron and steel production plan for ten days amid high enthusiasm of the workers.

The smelters at the steel shop of the Chollima Steel Complex have carried out their daily production plan.

Unryul and Jaeryong mines have boosted the production of iron ore from the first day of the year by raising the operation rate of mining equipment and vehicles.

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex and the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex have made signal progress in fertilizer production.

The workers in the hydro-power sector, too, hit their 10-day production target through uninterrupted progress.

Such successes were witnessed in coal-mining and machine-building industrial sectors.

The railway freight transport plan for the first ten days of the year was overfulfilled by 3 percent throughout the Ministry of Railways.

The Sangwon Cement Complex has daily produced thousands of tons of cement from the outset of the year, while the Sunchon Cement Complex produced hundreds of more tons of cement than scheduled in the first ten days.

The forest sector has registered high timber production results every day.

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