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Quality Medal Awarded to Best Products
Pyongyang, January 12 (KCNA) -- The December 15 Quality Medal was awarded to the best products amid a dynamic drive for home-production, modernization and quality improvement in all economic sectors and units of the DPRK.

The best products are Korean-style video conferencing system "Rakwon" and computer virus vaccine program with various excellent functions, developed by the IT Institute of the High-Tech Development Center of Kim Il Sung University, and quality building paints, produced by technicians and workers of the Pyongyang Jonghyang Building Materials Factory.

Meetings for awarding the December 15 Quality Medal took place at relevant units on Wednesday.

Present there were Jo Sok Chol, chairman of the Quality Control Commission, officials concerned and officials and workers of the units which turned out the best products.

The medal and certificate were conferred on the products appreciated as the best home products.

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