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Pyongyang Teachers Training College
Pyongyang, January 15 (KCNA) -- It has been five years since the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the newly remodeled Pyongyang Teachers Training College on January 16, Juche 107 (2018).

The officials and teachers of the college devoted their wisdom and enthusiasm to making the education of the country an advanced one and turning the country into the one of education as early as possible.

Teachers and researchers have made study and efforts to actively introduce and steadily develop the virtual teaching experience system highly praised by Kim Jong Un in the educational work, and thus introducing the technique of speech recognition and 110-odd teaching situations that can arise in primary school education.

And electronic visual aids based on VR and augmented reality technologies were manufactured to improve the teaching ability while reducing the difference between simulation and practical lessons.

They have developed and created more than 40 educational aid programs and teaching methods conducive to the development of children's intelligence and written dozens of kinds of books for intellectual development.

They created the electronic study system "virtual classroom" and a teaching method through cooperation of teachers with different majors and studied and made 10-odd robots of four kinds and robot parts to contribute to the development of education.

In the course of implementing the on-site instructions of Kim Jong Un, a remarkable progress was made in the work for improving the qualifications of teachers.

As a result, the rate of holders of academic degrees grew to 94 percent, 116 holders of new teaching method certificates and 45 October 8 Model Professors were produced, and the college was awarded the title of 10-point IT model units twice.

The college established a system of reeducation for teachers of primary schools and kindergartens in Pyongyang and teachers of teachers training colleges across the country. It has conducted reeducation of more than 8, 000 teachers and kindergarteners for more than 70 occasions, contributing to improving their political and practical qualifications.

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