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Korea with Many Noted Mountains and Scenic Spots
Pyongyang, February 1 (KCNA) -- Korea has favorable climatic conditions and the four seasons bring fine natural landscapes.

Korea, most parts of which are mountainous regions, has got renowned mountains which are noted for their own natural beauty of mountains and the ones of the valleys.

Mt Paektu with high peaks, such as Janggun and Hyangdo peaks, has imposing features. The mountain has mysterious Lake Chon and a primitive forest. The Korean people regard the mountain as a sublime mountain of revolution and are proud of it as a famous mountain of Korea.

Mt Kumgang has long since been known as a mountain with the superb scenic beauty, the beauty of valleys, and scenes of the lakes, sea, seashore, etc.

Mounts Myohyang, Kuwol and Chilbo have spectacular scenery as their dense forests, mysterious rocks and cliffs, bird twittering, exciting waterfalls, wet fogs, rainbows, etc. harmonize.

Moran Hill and Mounts Taesong and Ryongak in Pyongyang and Mounts Suyang and Jangsu in South Hwanghae Province and other mountains are noted for their beautiful landscapes.

Korea with famous mountains and clear rivers has many beauty spots with peculiar scenes.

Sinphyong Kumgang has such scenic spots as Kuryong Valley, Rojok Rock, Pidan Falls and small ponds.

The seashore scenery of Korea bounded by the sea on three sides is also famous.

The east coast of Korea has Songdowon, Myongsasipri, Chongsokjong, Majon, Songdan and Haksadae, and other beauty spots, and the west coast of Korea has Monggumpho, Waudo and Ryongsupho, and other scenic spots.

Natural lakes, including Lake Samji, Lagoon Samil and Lake Sijung, and man-made lakes, such as Lakes Unpha and Sohung, are well known for their beautiful scenes.

Thanks to the benevolent affection of the Workers' Party of Korea, cultural recreation places have been built in many renowned mountains and scenic spots to give pleasure to the people.

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