calendar>>February 9. 2023 Juche 112
Brisk Scientific Researches in Fish Farming
Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- The Central Fish Farming Institute of the Academy of Fishery under the Ministry of Fisheries in the DPRK is conducting scientific researches to implement the Party's policy on fish farming.

The institute has made progress in the research into determining the main ingredients of mixed feed and producing fry and feed fish to discharge into Lake Yonphung in order to perfect the technology of mandarin fish farming.

The institute selected a water zone for breeding sweetfish and scientifically calculated the possibility of its propagation.

After completing the work for selecting the right water zone for cage-net fish farming and for securing netting cages and experimental fry, it entered the next stage of the project.

A short course was given to researchers to be sent to different provinces to activate paddy-field fish breeding.

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