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Long Journey of Field Guidance Made by Chairman Kim Jong Il for Country and People
Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- With the significant Day of the Shining Star approaching, the Korean people are recollecting with deep emotion the immortal course covered by Chairman Kim Jong Il who made ceaseless journey for field guidance for the prosperity and development of the country.

In the whole period of his revolutionary leadership, the Chairman traveled the distance of 669,844 kilometers in total length, equivalent to nearly 17 rounds of the earth's circumference, to give field guidance day and night.

Saying it is his pleasure to take a rugged road for the country and the people, he had made ceaseless journey for field guidance to every part of the country.

Recorded in the course is a touching story about his devoted efforts made to shore up the metal industry, a pillar of the self-supporting socialist economy.

He repeatedly visited the northern part of the country to establish the Juche-based system of making iron, the last instructions of President Kim Il Sung, and led the workers of the Songjin Steel Complex to complete the most advanced steel production process of Korean style.

While giving field guidance to North Hamgyong Province through the forced march extending over 400 kilometers, he praised the workers of the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex as honorable frontline soldiers and pioneers in building a powerful country. At the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex he encouraged the workers to make contributions to solving the iron and steel problem of the country by perfecting the scientific and technological method for producing Juche-based iron at any cost.

He repeatedly visited factories and enterprises in the field of metal industry and kindled the flames for increased production, while giving ceaseless field guidance to relevant units. This story touches the heartstrings of the people.

One day he visited the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex before climbing up Cholsan Hill where he called on the miners of the Musan Mining Complex to send more concentrated ores to the metallurgical bases. And after giving field guidance to the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex, he visited the mine and coal mine of Jaeryong and Anju where he took revolutionary measures to revitalize production.

Thanks to his forced march of patriotic devotion which covered not only the metal industry but also all the sectors of the national economy, the national power of the country was remarkably strengthened and the eternal cornerstone for building a thriving nation was laid.

Indeed, more than 669,844 kilometers were the immortal long march of the peerlessly great man who laid an eternal foundation for the prosperity of the country and happiness of posterity with his ardent spirit of love for the country and people.

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