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Chairman Kim Jong Il's History of Love for Our People
Pyongyang, February 14 (KCNA) -- The whole life of Chairman Kim Jong Il was a noble one in which he devoted his all to the people, regarding it as his lifetime motto to believe in them as in heaven.

Kim Jong Il's love for the people was the source of all his greatness, rare character and heroism.

He said that his whole life is associated with the people and that it was his honest feeling to grow flowers even on a rock to give glory to the people if it is their wish. And the people's interests should be put above his and he would always remain a son of the people, he said, adding that this was his lifelong creed.

For the people alone! This is the sacred intention that runs through the revolutionary exploits of Kim Jong Il who defended the country and provided a firm guarantee for prosperity with his energetic leadership and devotion in his simple jumper.

Regarding the train as an office room and a lodging place, he visited every part of the country, spending all seasons on the road of ceaseless field guidance for the happiness of the people.

The number of train journeys he made during his revolutionary life was 1,647 times and the course of his train journey was 398,000 kilometers long.

The number of units he visited in the last three years of his great life was nearly up to 1,000.

The people's happiness came into full bloom in every place he visited and beautiful stories of love for the people were born like legends.

The industrial establishments where brisk campaigns for increased production take place and cultural and welfare establishments for the people's happy life are associated with the devoted efforts made by Kim Jong Il who dedicated his all to the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people.

Seeing with pleasure the new appearance of the country changing day by day and the reality in which the noble ideals and desire of the people come true, the Chairman is eternally blessing the future of the country and the happiness of the people.

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