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Wonhwa Revolutionary Museum Visited by Many People in DPRK
Pyongyang, February 15 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il are honorary farmers of the farm in Wonhwa-ri, Phyongwon County of South Phyongan Province. The farm is associated with the sacred leadership feats of the peerlessly great men who put their heart and soul into turning it into a model of highly-civilized socialist rural village.

On Feb. 16, Juche 58 (1969), the Chairman visited the farm in company with the President and clearly indicated the orientation and ways for the farm to follow, including the issue of increasing grain production, fertilizing and tending fruit trees well and acquiring a lot of new arable land.

On the occasion of this significant day, working people, youth and students in South Phyongan Province have visited the Wonhwa Revolutionary Museum in Phyongwon County with deep yearning and reverence for the peerlessly great men who gave ceaseless field guidance for the agricultural development of the country and the improvement of the people's standard of living.

Displayed at the museum are historical data and mementoes telling about the undying leadership exploits of the President and the Chairman who made indefatigable efforts for the agricultural development of the Wonhwa Farm in Phyongwon County and the improvement of the living standard of agricultural workers.

With the grain and cash presented to the President and the Chairman as their shares by the farm, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un saw to it that the grain is returned to the farmers and the cash is used for providing trucks, tractors and fertilizer to the farm. This story touched the heartstrings of visitors to the museum.

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