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Many Novels on Immortal Exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il Produced
Pyongyang, February 15 (KCNA) -- Over the past 11 years, many novels dealing with the greatness of Chairman Kim Jong Il have been created and published in the DPRK, in reflection of the noble loyalty of its people to hand down his immortal revolutionary exploits for all ages.

The April 15 Literary Production Company created many full-length novels as parts of the serial "Immortal Guidance" telling about the immortal exploits performed by Kim Jong Il for the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people.

The full-length novels "From Spring to Spring" and "Our Dear Native Home", parts of the serial philosophically depicted the undying feats of Kim Jong Il who developed the Korean People's Army into invincible vanguard ranks fully equipped with the revolutionary outlook on the leader and boundlessly loyal to the leadership of the Party and into the main force for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

The full-length novel "Dawn of Nam Hill" shows the fact that Kim Jong Il led the students to grow up to be masters of the future who have acquired the practical knowledge with intense loyalty to the leader during his days at Pyongyang Secondary School No. 1.

More than 50 short stories dealing with the noble intention and personality of Kim Jong Il, created by the Central Committee of the Writers Union of Korea, are also popular among the people.

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