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Chairman Kim Jong Il's Outlook on Happiness and People
Pyongyang, February 16 (KCNA) -- The DPRK that greets the Day of the Shining Star (Feb. 16), the greatest national holiday, is overflowing with boundless reverence for Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted his all to the well-being of the people all his life.

The Korean people recollect with deep emotion the Chairman's noble revolutionary career which is associated with his brilliant feats and leadership more solemnly as the days go by.

One day in the summer of Juche 92 (2003), he inspected a unit of the Korean People's Army and told its commanding officer that the catfish farm built by the unit was giving inconvenience to the people using hot spring.

That day he told officials that he put the interests of the people before anything and regards what they are glad as his greatest pleasure and that their joy and happiness are his joy and happiness. Saying that this is his steadfast outlook on happiness and people, he took a measure to move the catfish farm in the middle of the hot spring village to another place.

As he had such noble outlook on happiness and people, he always gave top priority to the interests of the people above all his work and only thought of the people.

Saying that if the people are well-off and glad, he has nothing to expect any longer, he continued his great journey of love and devotion for the people.

He visited the Kwangbok Area Supermarket in December, 2011, the last period of his life, where he said that he was very satisfied to see the new commercial service centre serving the improvement of the people's living standard. He said it is his firm will and determination to provide the people with the best things.

Kim Jong Il was, indeed, a peerless patriot who performed immortal exploits to be recorded long in the history of the country forever, holding the people as in Heaven and devoting all his life to the people's happiness.

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