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Birth Anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il Celebrated in China
Pyongyang, February 17 (KCNA) -- Families of those related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle gathered in Beijing of China on Feb. 14 to celebrate the 81st birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Attending the celebration meeting were families of those related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and the DPRK ambassador to China and embassy members.

Speeches were made at the meeting.

Zhang Jinlu, daughter of Zhang Weihua, referred to the fact that President Kim Il Sung highly praised the extraordinary personality of Chairman Kim Jong Il as a great man.

She said that the Chairman, by conducting tireless and energetic revolutionary activities for decades, brought the prosperity of the country, provided the people with a happy life and made a great contribution to the development of China-DPRK friendship.

Feng Songgwang, son of Feng Zhongyun, said that the Chairman, true to the behests of the President, led the Korean people to advance along the road of building a powerful country by their own efforts and placed the China-DPRK friendship on a new development stage, adding that his great feats would always be remembered by the two peoples.

Yu Ming, son of Li Zade, said that the Chairman is always remembered and missed to learn from and inherit his independent spirit, self-sacrificing devotion and indomitable will, adding that the socialist cause of the DPRK, pioneered by the President and led by the Chairman, would bring the rosier future under the leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Un, overcoming trials and difficulties.

Shang Xiaowei, son of Mentor Shang Yue, expressed his deep yearning for the Chairman, saying that under the guidance of Comrade Kim Jong Un, the Korean people achieved world-startling successes in socialist construction, united as one in mind, despite the worldwide upheaval last year.

Wang Min, son of Wang Xiaoming, said that General Kim Jong Il, the eternal leader of the Korean people and a peerlessly great man, was a close friend of the Chinese people, noting that under his leadership the revolutionary cause of Juche victoriously advanced and the DPRK made signal progress in all sectors.

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