calendar>>February 17. 2023 Juche 112
Celebration Dancing Party of Women
Pyongyang, February 17 (KCNA) -- A dancing party of women's union officials and members took place at the Arch of Triumph Plaza on Feb. 16 to celebrate the 81st birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The dancing party began amid the playing of the song "Fortune of Korea".

Its participants showed a sea of celebration dance, looking back with deep emotion on the revolutionary career of the Chairman who was born as the Shining Star of Mt Paektu and performed undying feats before the times and revolution.

They danced, singing such songs as "Our Leader Loved by People" with the pride of holding in high esteem the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, heaven-sent great man who has demonstrated to the world the dignity and might of the DPRK.

The venue for the dancing party was overflowing with the revolutionary zeal of women's union members who are dynamically advancing along the road of patriotism and loyalty while pushing one of the two wheels of the revolutionary chariot.

Amid the surging enthusiasm of women's union members to make tangible contribution to the building of a prosperous and powerful country, the atmosphere of the dancing party was further revved up with the playing of the song "Let's Defend Socialism".

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