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Chairman Kim Jong Il Praised Abroad
Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- Seminars on exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il took place in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Germany, Uganda and Algeria from Feb. 3 to 12 on the occasion of the Day of the Shining Star (his birth anniversary).

Speeches were made at the seminars.

The chairman of the Pakistan-Korea Friendship and Solidarity Committee, the chairman of the Pakistan Association for Self-Reliance Studies and the chief of the Organization of Women for the Study of Juche Idea in Karachi highly praised Kim Jong Il as an outstanding ideological theoretician and a great master of leadership, saying that his birth was a great fortune of the Korean nation and an event of the world-historic significance that opened up a bright prospect for the cause of independence.

The chairperson and members of the Bangladeshi Media Person's Group for the Study of the Juche Idea stressed that it was thanks to the solid foundations of the national defence industry provided by HE Kim Jong Il's grit and courage that Korea could become a world military power no one dares provoke.

The chief of the Bulgarian Group for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and the chief of the Dresden Group for the Study of the Juche Idea in Germany said that the exploits of Kim Jong Il who devoted his all to justice, truth, and happiness of the people all his life would always be kept in the minds of the progressive people.

The chairman of the Ugandan National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea and the chairman of the Ugandan National Executive Committee of the Pan-African Movement, the chairman of the Uganda-DPRK Friendship Association and other participants, too, praised the ideo-theoretical exploits and the Songun leadership exploits of the Chairman.

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