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More Housewarmings Witnessed at Farm Villages
Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- An event of moving into new dwelling houses has been held one after another in the countryside of the DPRK, proving the validity and vitality of Workers' Party of Korea's programme for rural revolution in the new era.

The new houses appeared at farm villages in Nidap-ri of Unsan County, Chojang-ri of Kwaksan County, Tongsin-ri of Ryongchon County, Pobu-ri of Kaechon City, Chongun-ri of Songrim City, Munyang-ri of Koksan County, Sanbuk-ri of Suan County, Sampho-ri of Yonsa County, Yangchon-ri of Hwadae County, Saha-ri of Puryong County, Kocham-ri of Myongchon County and Majon-ri of Hungnam District, Tonghung-ri of Hoesang District and Hojon-dong of Sapho District in Hamhung City.

Those new villages bristling with modern rural houses are bases of happiness built under the energetic guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Ceremonies of moving into the new houses took place on the spots respectively.

Present there were officials of the Party and power organs in relevant provinces, cities and counties, builders, officials of units which contributed to the construction, and agricultural workers to live in the new houses.

Congratulatory speeches were made at the ceremonies.

Speakers said that the auspicious events of moving into new houses in different parts of the country are a fruition of the tireless patriotic devotion of Kim Jong Un who set the housing construction as a primary and major policy task and has guided its successful implementation.

At the ceremonies, licenses for the use of the houses were handed over and oath-taking speeches were made.

With the start of the moving into new houses, cheerful dances were displayed by the overjoyed agricultural workers.

Officials visited the new houses to congratulate their owners and share joy with them.

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