March 27. 2023 Juche 112
University Graduates in Nampho City Volunteer to Work at Challenging Sectors
North Phyongan Province Improves Soil Fertility
Farm Machine Accessories and Materials Produced
Nurseries in Kangwon Province Produce Many Wild Fruit Saplings
Spring Fishing Brisk in West Sea of Korea
Support to Education Brisk in Pyongyang
Academic Advisors Dispatched to Branch Schools in Remote Mountainous Areas
Foreigners Praise Undying Feats of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un

For Spanish-speaking People
Graduados universitarios de Nampho se ofrecen a trabajar en sectores dificiles
Procuran mejorar la fertilidad de tierras en la provincia de Phyong-an del Norte
Sector de industria mecanica abastece con responsabilidad las piezas y materiales
Almacigas de la provincia de Kangwon producen muchas posturas de frutales

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