March 28. 2023 Juche 112
Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Guides Work for Mounting Nuclear Warheads on Ballistic Missiles
Army Unit in Charge of Important Operation Task in Central Front Conducts Missile Firing Drill
Underwater Strategic Weapon System Test Held
DPRK Premier Inspects Several Sectors of National Economy
Director of Int'l Department of C.C., WPK Meets Cuban Ambassador
Pyongyang Automation Appliances Factory Marks Its 70th Anniversary
University Student Scientific Research Prize Conferred in DPRK
Schoolchildren on Tour of 250-mile Journey for Learning Pass Hyangsan
Ministries and National Institutions Boost Support for Rural Areas
Support for Farms Surges in DPRK
First Quarter Plan Fulfilled at Wonsan Youth Power Station
Many Weavers Overfulfill Half-Yearly Production Quotas in DPRK
Spring Cleaning Campaign in Pyongyang
On Gravity of Military Drills by U.S. and Its Stooges

For Spanish-speaking People
Estimado companero Kim Jong Un dirige la preparacion de arma nuclear para el uso militar
Unidad militar del frente central realiza el ejercicio de lanzamiento de misil
ACDN prueba el sistema de arma estrategica submarina
Kim Tok Hun supervisa las gestiones de varios sectores de la economia nacional
Comentan la gravedad de ejercicios belicos de EE.UU. y sus lacayos

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