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Scientific Research Work for Improvement of Foodstuff
Pyongyang, March 1 (KCNA) -- True to the decisions of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Academy of Food Industry under the Ministry of Regional Industry in the DPRK directs efforts to scientific research conducive to improving the people's standard of living.

Playing a key role in the implementation of the Party's policy on childcare, the Fermentation Research Institute under the Academy is arousing the spirit of development and creation for producing worthwhile research findings.

The institute raised the functionality of lactic acid bacteria to improve the quality of acidophilus milk supplied to the children at nurseries and kindergartens and settled the issue of ensuring the safe storage of lactic acid powder.

And it remodeled packing machine in Korean style in a short span of time to realize the standardization of products, while paying attention to ensuring the degree of air purification at production site.

It also established a new technology for ensuring the home production of culture equipment and measuring the number of lactic acid bacteria promptly and accurately and thus laid a solid foundation to satisfy the demand for products while reducing cost and time.

Preparations are being made to introduce the method of producing tasty bean paste with maize and wheat as main raw materials.

The food research institute under the Academy is intensifying its research for raising the yield in sugar production process based on sugar cane and sugar beet.

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