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DPRK Papers Disclose Massacre of Koreans by Japanese Imperialists
Pyongyang, March 1 (KCNA) -- Leading newspapers of the DPRK Wednesday carry articles on the lapse of 104 years since the March First Popular Uprising.

The papers stress that the uprising on March 1, 1919 was an explosion of the pent-up wrath and grudge of the Korean nation who had been subjected to contempt and maltreatment under the barbarous "military rule" of the Japanese imperialists.

Through the uprising, the Korean people demonstrated to the whole world their spirit of independence of not wishing to live as slaves of other country, and their indomitable stmina and ardent patriotism of not fearing any self-sacrifice for the dignity of the nation, Rodong Sinmun says in an article, and goes on:

The uprising was clearly a peaceful demonstration.

However, the Japanese imperialists brutally suppressed it and killed lots of Korean people with fully armed troops. Under the instructions of the Japanese government regarding the extermination of the Korean nation as its policy, massacres of Koreans were committed in all parts of Korea.

The Japanese imperialists left no stone unturned in their indiscriminate slaughter.

The said outrages aimed at exterminating the Korean nation can never be pardoned as it was an extra-large state-sponsored crime.

We will settle accounts with the said massacres and vent our pent-up grudge at any cost.

Minju Joson in an article brands the Japanese imperialists' suppression of the uprising as a crime against humanity that can never be and should not be forgotten forever.

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