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Many Women's Union Members Display Traits of Assisting Army
Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) -- The beautiful spirit and good looks of the Korean women are shining like gem as they are dedicating their pure conscience, patriotism and sincerity to strengthening the national power while linking blood ties with the posts for defending the country.

Entering this year, many women's union officials and members have rendered material and moral assistance to the People's Army, bearing in mind that the development of the country and the prosperity of generations to come are guaranteed by assistance to the army.

Among those activists for aiding the army are women's union members of Tokchon City and Jaeryong and Kumya counties who are taking the lead in valuing and loving the soldiers and dedicating their sincerity to the army.

Women's union officials and members across the country gave full play to the traditional traits of great army-civilian unity by learning from the noble moral world of the patriotic women in the preceding generations who invariably carried on the assistance to the army in good times and bad times.

They are devoting their sincerity to aiding the army, mindful that the victory of socialism, our dignity and life, is guaranteed by the intensified military capability.

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