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Natural History Museum
Pyongyang, March 11 (KCNA) -- There are the Central Zoo and the Natural History Museum at the foot of Mt Taesong in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK.

The dramatically transformed zoo, which has the museum of perfect visual and formative art and the unique, modern animal sheds harmonizing with the surrounding landscape, delights the working citizens and schoolchildren.

The zoo is associated with the guidance of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un, who works heart and soul to provide the people with better cultural conditions.

After drawing up a far-reaching plan for turning the zoo into a wonderful one, Kim Jong Un visited it under reconstruction one day in March Juche 103 (2014).

That day, he learned in detail about the buildings and sections under construction or reconstruction at the Central Zoo associated with the leadership exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il. He stressed the need to build new structures to suit the ecological features of animals and consult the convenience of visitors to the maximum and rebuild the sections into pleasure resorts for the people.

Coming up with the idea of building a comprehensive natural history museum capable of providing the schoolchildren and working people with rich knowledge and common knowledge about animals and plants, he personally chose the site for its construction and took steps to design the interior display venues and make and purchase stuffed specimen.

True to his noble intention, the builders successfully finished the construction of the wonderful museum in a short span of time and dramatically changed the appearance of the Central Zoo.

Officials and employees of the Central Zoo and the Natural History Museum have striven to provide rich emotion, knowledge, joy and optimism to the working people and schoolchildren, bearing deep in mind the will of the General Secretary is making devoted efforts for the people.

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