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Tree-planting Day of DPRK
Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- On the occasion of the tree-planting day (March 14), the people in the DPRK are recollecting the noble patriotic devotion of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un, who has worked heart and soul to turn the country into a paradise of the people covered with green woods.

The General Secretary made public a famous work "Let the Entire Party, the Whole Army and All the People Conduct a Vigorous Forest Restoration Campaign to Cover the Mountains of the Country with Green Woods" in February Juche 104 (2015). And he aroused the entire Party, the whole army and all the people to the forest restoration campaign and personally planted trees on every tree-planting day to kindle the flames of patriotism in the hearts of the people across the country.

On the tree-planting day of 2015, he visited a sub-unit of the Air Force of the Korean People's Army and planted, together with combat pilots, a tree he personally prepared, stressing the need for the KPA to take the lead in afforestation and forest conservation.

On the same day in 2017 he visited Mangyongdae Revolutionary School to teach its students how to plant trees. And he planted trees together with them for a long time, implanting warm patriotism in their minds.

In particular, the noble image of Kim Jong Un, who planted trees on Hwasong Hill together with the participants in the Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the Workers' Party of Korea on the tree-planting day of last year, touched the hearts of the Korean people.

He personally carried a heavy tree with large lumps of earth sticking to its roots to the site to plant it and took up the first spade to dig earth.

The commemorative tree-planting done by him with much care allowed patriotism to be more deeply implanted in the minds of the Korean people.

The Korean people have turned out as one in the spring tree-planting campaign, cherishing his noble patriotic devotion deep in their mind.

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