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Successes Seen in Implementing Fishing Policy of WPK
Pyongyang, March 23 (KCNA) -- Fishery and fish farming units in different parts of the DPRK are registering successes in carrying out the Party's policy of supplying fishing products to the people as many as possible.

The Kim Chaek Fishery Station organized a technical innovation drive suited to specific conditions and introduced a new fish-finding system into boats and manufactured a double-barrelled vacuum-type unloader to shorten the unloading time.

The Unjon Fishery Station secured nets and wire ropes by its own efforts and the Haeju Fishery Station introduced a rational fishing method to increase the fish production while saving fuel.

The Thongchon Fishery Station has made contributions to increasing marine resources by focusing on protecting fish resources.

Riwon, Songnam and other fishery stations across the country have also made big hauls.

Several fish farms in Pyongyang City have decreased the death rate of fish and produced large amounts of protein feed.

The Kaechon City Office for Stocking Rivers with Fishes carried out the project for remodeling and expanding its capacity to lay a foundation for producing young mandarin and feed fish. The Nampho Fish Farm, too, finished a remodeling project to increase its production capacity and produce natural and protein feed by itself.

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