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Statement of Kim Yo Jong, Vice Department Director of C.C., WPK
Pyongyang, April 1 (KCNA) -- Kim Yo Jong, vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), on Saturday issued a statement titled "Reckless nuclear daydream invites self-destruction", which said:

The Ukrainian president's website recently carried an appeal calling for deploying U.S. nuclear weapons in territory of Ukraine or making nuclear weapons by itself.

It is reported that if more than 25,000 inhabitants sign the appeal within 90 days, the president will examine the proposed initiative and clarify the official stand on it.

This is a plausible veil of the public's expression of will, but it is not hard to guess that it is a product of the Zelenskiy authorities' sinister political plot.

It is a well-known fact that Zelenskiy clarified at the Munich Security Conference in February 2022 his stand to restore the position of the country's nuclear weapons state and officials of Ukraine openly revealed their nuclear ambition on several occasions.

The Ukrainian authorities, seized with the incurable megalomania that can defeat Russia, are incurring a nuclear disaster threatening their existence without any elementary consciousness of foresight and any ability to cope with its ensuing consequences.

Zelenskiy's talk about the introduction of U.S. nuclear weapons and the independent development of nuclear weapons is a manifestation of his very dangerous political ambition to prolong his remaining days at any cost by gambling with the destiny of his country and people.

It is the law of the world that if the authorities lack political sense and discretion, they will drive the country and nation into the abyss of ruin.

The Zelenskiy authorities, who always look up at their master and chant prayers of begging and solicitation, are not rivals of Russia, and if they are focused on nuclear daydream as now, they will be a more vivid target in Russia's nuclear sighting.

If the Zelenskiy authorities calculated that they can avoid the powerful fire of Russia only when they go under the U.S. nuclear umbrella, which had already been perforated, they are going to the wrong path, the last path.

Those stooges serving the U.S. as their master and blindly believing in its poor promise should clearly understand that awakening at an early date from the self-destructive nuclear ambition, little different from having a nuclear time bomb hung on their backs, is the best option for saving their lives.

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